Title: Easier to Predict Than the Weather

Word Count: 363

Rating: T

Pairing: Danny/Steve

Notes: AU in which Danny is a newscaster and Steve is a weatherman; fluff with a chance of cuddles

Summary: Danny’s moods are easier to predict than the weather.


Fluffy with a Chance of Cuddles )
Title: Hate is Mirrored Love
Fandom: SpongeBob SquarePants
Word Count: 300
Rating: Mature
Pairing: SpongeBob/Squidward
Characters: SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward, Gary
Author's Notes: Tag to the episode, "Home Sweet Pineapple," first aired 1999, August 14th; I consider SpongeBob and Squidward to be consenting adults in this story. This is the first story I've written for this fandom.
Summary: What if Squidward hadn't sent SpongeBob away when he'd sought refuge in his bed?


Hate is Mirrored Love )
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)
Title: His Only Reason
Length: 100 word drabble
Characters: Carl
Rating: K+
Content notes: fatalistic, does not follow canon, character thoughts.
Summary: Carl knows that it's the end of the world. The only reason he keeps going is so that maybe things will change for his little sister.
His Only Reason )

Title: Their Love Story Starts with Hate, but It always Ends with a Kiss
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: K+
Word Count: 3527
Characters/Ships: Remus/Severus, Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Pansy (mentioned), Ron/Draco, OCs (children), Molly Weasley
Warnings: Kissing, extreme fluff, mentions of war, use of big words and tons of interruptions; it is also told from the perspective of an OC, Violet Weasley-Malfoy
No matter how many times she hears the story of how her uncles fell in love, Violet never tires of it, and she always learns something new.

Note: This is AU. It is a follow-up to the story, "Their Happily Ever After Fairy Tale Begins with Vomit and Sweet and Sour Pork," and was written in response to the following comment, "I want to know more about the dark and handsome professor Snape..." left by [personal profile] oranges_and_wildfires 


Their Love Story Always Starts with Hate... )


Title: Their Happily Ever After Fairy Tale Begins with Vomit and Sweet and Sour Pork
Fandom: Harry Potter
Prompt: Sweet and Sour
Challenge: 231 (amnesty)
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Ronald Weasley, OCs (Violet and Victor Weasley-Malfoy)
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Length: 2645
Author's notes: An AU set after the epilogue. Does deal with abandonment, but off-screen. Fluff. Established relationship.
Summary: Violet asks her Da when he fell in love with her Dad, and Draco draws a blank. It's a good thing Ron is there to help jog his memory.


Their Happily Ever After... )

Title: Nothing to Write Home About
Fandom: Ash vs. Evil Undead
Characters: Pablo, Kelly, Ash (mentioned)
Rating: M
Word Count: 281
Spoilers: Season 1, but not really
Summary: It's just another day of killing.
Content Notes: Gore and mature language (in keeping with the show). This is set after season 1, but before season 2 (I haven't watched that yet)
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of this work of fiction.

Nothing to Write Home About )

Title: Sometimes Generosity Feels a Lot Like a Punch to the Gut
Fandom: Roseanne (revival)
Length: 443
Characters: Becky, Darlene
Content notes:  spoilers for "Roseanne", episode titled, "Eggs Over, Not Easy," aired April 10th, 2018; deals with grief; features one line that was used on the show (the only line of dialogue in the story)
Author note: Tag for "Eggs Over, Not Easy"
Summary: At first, she thinks Darlene's there just to mock her after she finds out that Becky can't have children and that her dream of being a surrogate mother is dashed.


Sometimes Generosity... )

Hawaii Five-0: Fanfic: Game of Survival

  • Apr. 18th, 2018 at 11:07 AM
Title: Game of Survival
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters: Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams
Rating: Mature
Length: 3702
Warnings: features mentions of one night stands, men hunting other men, and killing
Summary: Danny and Steve wake up in cages, separated, in cages. They are told that they have to run for their lives.


Game of Survival )

Hawaii Five-0: Fanfic: Mine to Spoil

  • Apr. 9th, 2018 at 7:13 PM

Title: Mine to Spoil, or Donut Pillows and Kisses
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Steve/Danny
Rating: A tad mature
Length: 520 words
Content notes: Injury to Danny's posterior; fits into my Control universe in which Steve is obsessed with Danny's ass.
Summary: Steve's just concerned about Danny, he's not coddling, he just has a vested interest in making sure that Danny will make a full recovery.

Donut Pillows and Kisses... )
Title: The Butt of an Asinine Series of Puns
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters: Danny, Steve
Rating: General audiences
Length: 731 words
Content notes: A lot of butt puns
Summary: Steve just wants to write up his report and go home after a rather long day.


Here Lie Puns )

Title: Butt Envy
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Ethan/Giles
Rating: Mature
Length: 358 words
Content notes: Admiration of the butt of a teen. It's just talk between two lovers, nothing happens with a minor.
Summary: Ethan approves of Giles' choice in errand boy.


Butt Envy )


Title: You're Not Really Drinking Alone When You're at a Bar
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters: John McGarrett, Joe White
Rating: PG
Length: 217 words
Content notes: set pre-series
Summary: Shortly after Doris' 'death', Joe finds John with his fingers wrapped around a bottle of whiskey.

You're Really Not Drinking Alone When You're at a Bar )
Title: A Family By Any Other Name
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Characters: Keith, Lance, baby alien girl
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4503
Content notes: descriptions of death
Author notes: pre-slash, AU
Summary: Planet Cel has been devastated by a virus, by the time the Castle of Lions gets there, everyone is dead. The paladins search for survivors that they might have missed. In their search for survivors, Lance and Keith happen upon a little alien child and decide to keep her.


A Family By Any Other Name )
Title: Quantum Physics
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Mature
Length: 1756
Content notes: Angst, hurt/comfort, kissing and allusions to sex.
Pairing: Shiro/Lance
Summary: Lance muses about the passage of time, and his place within it. Shiro helps pull Lance out of his dark inner musings.


Quantum Physics )

Title: Summer Shenanigans: Handholding

Pairing: Panda/Charlie (pre-slash)

Rating: G

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of this work of fiction, and no profit is being made through the writing of this, monetary or otherwise.

Word Count: 680

Summary: After spending a day with Charlie, Panda starts to realize that he may have feelings for him. Feelings that are more than those associated with a begrudging, one-sided friendship.

Authors Note: A tag to the episode, “Private Lake” (contains spoilers, and one line of dialogue - the first in the story - for that episode). Hints at Grizz/Ice Bear, and may be the first of a series of drabble-like one-shots.


Handholding )

General Hospital: Fanfic: The Heart of Glass

  • Jul. 31st, 2017 at 11:07 PM
Title: The Heart of Glass
Fandom: "General Hospital"
Rating: M
Length: 3124 words
Content Notes: Violence, delusional serial killer, allusions to the denial of sexual urges to the point of violence, allusions to self-directed homophobia, foul language, suicidal death of the serial killer
Author Notes: Written as a gift for someone (thankful that this prompt was inspirational as the gift is well beyond late). There is no pairing, though some may read it as such. This is not set in the current events of the show. It is AU.
Summary: Spinelli holds onto the glass heart he'd found hidden away beneath a loose floorboard of his prison as though it's his salvation, and terrified, he waits for his captor to return.


The Heart of Glass )


Hawaii Five-0: Fanfic: Freezing Time

  • Apr. 17th, 2017 at 9:46 PM

Title: Freezing Time
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Characters: Danny Williams, Steve McGarrett
Rating: PG
Word Count: 650
Summary: Danny reflects on how fast time has flown by since he first met Steve, and how, even though they've had some rough patches, he wouldn't change any of it for anything.
Content Notes: Established relationship set in my "Ho oku i" series. Inspired by Rush's song, "Closer to the Heart".

Freezing Time )

Original: Poetry: Taint of Time

  • Feb. 18th, 2017 at 9:17 PM
Title: Taint of Time
Rating: PG
Content notes: Concepts of death and resurrection
Artist notes: Picture was taken with my phone. I used Instatext to add the words and a border. I used TinyPic to make the image shareable.
Summary: Time's decaying taint is temporary.Taint of Time )


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