Person of Interest: Fic: Brothers

  • Apr. 12th, 2017 at 8:11 AM
Fandom: Person of Interest
Title: Brothers
Characters: Carl Elias, Bruce Moran, Anthony Marconi
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Rating: PG (suggestions of violence)
Length: long....3400 words

“You’re okay,” Bruce said. “You’d make a good boss.” Carl started.
“Boss?” he asked. “You want a boss?”
Bruce smiled.  “Front man.  You have a way with people. Cool head. Ain’t never in a rush. I’m good behind the scenes. In the shadows. We’d need some muscle, though.  Smart muscle.”

in Season Five, we learn that Anthony and Carl and Bruce met in a group home. How they may have become friends and come to love each other as brothers.

meeting )

Person of Interest: Fic: A Strong Shoulder

  • Apr. 4th, 2017 at 10:43 AM
Title: A Strong Shoulder
Fandom: Person of Interest
Characters: Bruce Moran, Anthony Marconi, Carl Elias
Rating: G
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Length: 850 words

Summary: Pre-Canon.  After they leave the group home, Bruce, Anthony, and Carl discuss their plans for the future. Carl learns that there's more to his friends than he initially thought.

Lean on... )

Person of Interest: Fic: Not Like Him

  • Apr. 3rd, 2017 at 8:49 AM
Fandom: Person of Interest
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Title: Not Like Him
Characters/Pairing: Carl Elias/Anthony Marconi (pre-slash), Bruce Moran
Length: long (3500-ish words)
Rating: M

Summary: As an adult, Carl remembers the first time he kissed Anthony. The main story is pre-canon and set when they were teenagers just going out on their own. It's a fluffy, hurt-comfort-y sort of male bonding story from the time before they became gangsters but after they'd become strong shoulders for each other to lean on in hard times.

Pre-canon fluff 'n stuff )

Person of Interest: Fic: Reading the Papers

  • Apr. 1st, 2017 at 12:55 PM

Fandom: Person of Interest
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Characters: Anthony Marconi and Bruce Moran (not a romantic pairing)
Format: fiction
Length: long (3000-ish words)
Rating: PG 13 (for violence)
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Pre-Canon. In Season 4 of PoI, we discover more about Anthony's past when Carl Elias explains how Anthony got his scar, but this is another explanation.  It's consistent with canon, just a little different.

Summary: How Anthony grew up before juvie and how he meets Bruce.

paper )

Person of Interest: Fic: Secrets

  • Dec. 3rd, 2016 at 7:33 PM
Title: Secrets
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Carl Elias/Anthony Marconi
Words: ~2000
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Rating: PG

Summary: Spoilers for season 4 and season 5.  This is an AU with an alternative ending for the end of Season 4 for Carl Elias.
not his finest hour )
Title: Recuperation -or- No Greater Love
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairings: Carl Elias/Anthony Marconi, Sameen Shaw/Root
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Rating: PG
Words: ~1800
Summary:  Carl Elias has a very, very bad day.  While he recuperates, Root comes to visit.  What happens when former villains do some bonding?
Warning: Spoilers for Season 4 and Season 5.

getting better )

Person of Interest: Fic: The whole game

  • Nov. 11th, 2016 at 8:34 AM
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Title: The whole game
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Anthony Marconi/Carl Elias
Length: 2000 words
Rating: R
Summary: Anthony comes back after a rough day of crime.  Basic h/c fluffiness.  Set during Season 3.  Maybe a little spoiler-y for events in Season 4.

Invictus )

Person of Interest: Fic: As in all things

  • Nov. 6th, 2016 at 10:04 AM

Title: As in all things
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Carl/Anthony
Rating: PG
Length: 1200 words
Summary:  Carl Elias and Anthony Marconi discuss putting a baby into a freezer.

Set across Carl's arrest and rescue (late Season 2 into early Season 3).

In this... )
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Carl Elias and Anthony Marconi
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Title: Marking it down to learning
Rating: R
Length (long)
Pre-canon.  Anthony and Carl flee New York and take a detour in Canada.  Things run smoothly until an old acquaintance finds them.  Even with all the excitement, they find some time for the naughty bits.

Spolier alert: there's a brief reference to a canonical character death (series 4) in the very last section.

learning )

Honor: Person of Interest: Fic: Vicimus

  • Oct. 30th, 2016 at 6:00 PM
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Challenge: Honor
Title: Vicimus
Fandoms: Person of Interest
Characters: Carl Elias/ Anthony
Rating: R
Length: ~1800 words
Disclaimer: I didn't create these characters, I don't own them, I derive no profit from their use.
Summary: Anthony Marconi helps Carl flee after Moretti tries to kill him. 

Veni.... )


Honey: Pooh: Collage: Some bees

  • Oct. 29th, 2016 at 2:34 PM
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Title: Some bees
Fandoms: Winne-the-Pooh
Characters: Winne the pooh, the honey tree, some bees
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I didn't create these characters, I don't own them, I derive no profit from their use.
bzzzzzz )
Author:[ profile] godsdaisiechain
Title: How about a nice....
Rating: G
Note: collage of advertising for olde timey Hawaiian Punch

hey Punchy... )
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Title: First or second
Fandoms: Person of Interest
Characters: Carl Elias/ Anthony
Rating: PG
Length: 400 words
Angst-to-hope ratio: Low-medium
Disclaimer: I didn't create these characters, I don't own them, I derive no profit from their use.
Summary: Carl and Anthony's first kiss.  Set right after the first time Carl's father tries to kill him.

always have another way out )

Torchwood: Fic: Parting

  • Jul. 23rd, 2016 at 8:46 AM

Title: Parting
Author: godsdaisiechain
Fandom: Torchwood
Type: Fic
Characters/Pairing: Jack and Ianto, Jack/John Hart (implied),
Challenge: Crack
Word Count: ~2000
Rating: NC-17 (there's some very mild dubcon)
Summary: Ianto is not terribly happy with John or Jack after he has to explain the concept of delayed gratification.

This is a continuation of “Love, actually”  and “Atonement” but it stands alone as well.

Notes: The background is that John Hart stole a TARDIS and then went back and saved Ianto (accidentally making him immortal) and scraped up enough Jack scraps from the explosion in CoE that there are now two Jacks floating around.  It's set in the timeline between CoE and Miracle Day.

Refers to the tea/sex video

sweet sorrow )
Title: Five times Jack didn't say "I love you," and later wished he had
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Characters/Pairing: Janck and Ianto, Gwen, Owen, Tosh
Words: ~1100
Rating: R
Summary: Ianto and Jack grow closer without realizing it.
Notes: Set right after "Captain Jack Harkness" and during "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang"

Love )

Torchwood: Fic: Boundaries

  • Jul. 11th, 2016 at 8:54 AM
Title: Boundaries
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Format: Fiction
Word Count: About 800
Rating: NC-17
Characters, Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: Ianto must cross some lines as he and Jack wend their way into a physical relationship. Alternating Ianto/Jack POVs.

lines )


  • Jul. 10th, 2016 at 2:20 PM
Fandom: Catfish (RPF)
Title: Bromance
Rating: G
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Notes: To accompany "Ninja Turtle Love."

pics )
Title: Ninja Turtle Love
Fandom: Catfish, the TV Show (RPF); Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Format: fic
Words: 300
Rating: PG
Summary: Max and Nev have a Ninja-Turtle evening together. Cowabunga, Dude.
Notes: This is based on an MTV show where the leads travel the country trying to clear up problems in online dating. They stay in hotels every episode. The two leads have quite the little bromance going on, and one of them reveals he is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan.

cowabunga )

Torchwood: Fic: The Good Wife

  • Jul. 8th, 2016 at 5:08 PM
Title: The Good Wife
Author: godsdaisiechain
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: R/ NC-17 (depending on how you feel about nursery rhymes)
Words: ~1500
Summary: Jack meets someone on the ship waiting to take him away.  AU universe and set between Series 3 and 4.

Notes: Yes, there is 'crack.' It's right after the angsty bits.  If you are offended by porny interpretations of nursery rhymes, then stop reading at "sins." Or definitely "weeks." No, seriously.

Read more... )
Fandom: Torchwood
Author: [ profile] godsdaisiechain
Words: rather few
Format: picspam
Characters: Ianto Jones, some socks
Notes: Inspired by Sock Horror! by [ profile] badly_knitted
These socks are actually available for sale by multiple sellers worldwide.

socks.... )


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