RPF: Fanfic: Sir Arthur's Garden

  • May. 31st, 2016 at 12:32 PM
Title: Sir Arthur's Garden
Fandom: Real Person Fiction
Rating: Gen
Length: 565
Content Notes: Crack, humor, satire of the portrayl of women in the Sherlock Holmes stories, references to canon stories "Thor Bridge," "The Sussex Vampire," "The Musgrave Ritual," and others, all dialogue, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle/Jean Leckie
Summary: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle dreams of flowers.
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Title: Viking Outfit
Fandom: Historical, Viking, SCA
Rating: G
Length: N/A
Content notes: N/A
Author notes: Thanks go to Mirther for the commission. This is quite the fanciest thing he's ever worn.
Media: Linen, cotton, trim
Summary: Viking man's clothing.

Viking Outfit )
Title: Drenched Once More to the Skin
Fandom: Historical RPF/Highlander/Henry V (Shakespeare)
Rating: Teen
Length: 574 words
Content Notes: Choose Not to Warn
Author Notes: Haerviu is an Immortal who once lived a life as Jehan, Montjoye King of Arms in the early 15th century. In They Who Sleep In Elysium, he and Henry meet after their respective "deaths" and tend to live lifetimes together. Henry is immortal in the same fashion as Eternal Plantagenet, where he is brought back from death by the Morrigan (who is quite fond of him).

Summary: Henry comes back into Haerviu's life with an infant daughter in tow.

Drenched Once More to the Skin )
Title: Fly Away
Fandom: Historical RPF - 18th-Century Pirates
Characters: Benjamin Hornygold, John Darvell
Rating: Teen for old skool religious swearing
Notes: This is a story about careening ...I know too much about pirates, and also I am a giant boat nerd? If you are curious, have some info about these pirates from a snippet in my lj >.>
Word count: 100

Fly Away )


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