Castlevania: Fanfic: Hatred

  • Sep. 8th, 2015 at 2:37 AM
Title: Hatred
Fandom: Castlevania
Rating: M
Length: 871
Content notes: Warnings for a one-sided underage relationship, violence, body horror, and character death. Spoilers for the bad ending of Castlevania 64/Legacy of Darkness.
Author notes: Also doubles as a prompt fill for 30flowers.
Summary: What the Dark Lord reborn desires, the Dark Lord reborn always gets...regardless of who stands in his way.

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Castlevania: Fanfic: Benediction

  • Aug. 5th, 2015 at 11:33 PM
Title: Benedicton
Fandom: Castlevania
Rating: T
Length: 1847
Content notes: Warnings for graphic descriptions of a corpse and implied harm to children.
Author notes: None.
Summary: Richter and Alucard both carry memories of sins long past, and it's in one another that they find the sense of release they so desperately sought all these years.

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Title: Two Fools' Sentimentality
Fandom: Evillious Chronicles
Rating: K+
Length: 916
Content notes: Based on the Vocaloid song series by Mothy.
Author notes: None.
Summary: At the end of all things, Gear and Gammon dare to hope for something beyond punishment and imprisonment. They find newfound hope in one another.

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UTAU: Fanfic: Cheer Session

  • Jul. 19th, 2015 at 11:58 AM
Title: Cheer Session
Fandom: UTAU
Rating: K
Length: 754
Content notes: Features lyrics from the song Magnet by Minato.
Author notes: None.
Summary: Ritsu reminds Ted why Master doesn't use him that often, but Rook turns right around and tells his fellow Vipper the rest of the truth that Ritsu left out. All things take time, and everyone has something that they need to overcome. For Ted it's a lack of confidence, and for Rook it's chronic laziness.

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Title: Just a Little TLC
Fandom: Diabolik Lovers
Rating: T
Length: 1638
Content notes: Referenced past self-harm.
Author notes: Doubles as a fill for OTP Prompts.
Summary: After finding Azusa bloody and beaten in the school courtyard, Yuma rushes his brother home and tends to his injuries. He thinks Azusa broke his promise not to harm himself anymore, and all it takes is a little loving care to squeeze a confession from both vampires.

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Title: The Circumstances of (Arima) Ibushi's Bathtub
Fandom: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!
Rating: T
Length: 1069
Content notes: Merman!Akoya and an AU fusion with Orenchi no Furo Jijou (The Circumstances of My Home's Bathtub.)
Author notes: Triples as fills for GenPrompt Bingo and OTP Prompts.
Summary: Arima Ibushi has a pretty, pink-haired merman living in his bathtub.

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Photo: Fatal Frame: Fanfic: Sunrise

  • Jun. 23rd, 2015 at 2:26 AM
Title: Sunrise
Fandom: Fatal Frame V: Oracle of the Sodden Raven
Rating: K+
Length: 574
Content notes: Trans/Genderfluid Character.
Author notes: Doubles as a fill for GenPrompt Bingo. \o/
Summary: After the sun sets it always rises.

Houjo Ren rids himself of the last tangible link to Mount Hikami and takes some personal inventory of the lessons learned from those who died on the mountain.

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Skies of Arcadia: Fanfic: Uncharted Territory

  • Jun. 17th, 2015 at 10:44 PM
Title: Uncharted Territory
Fandom: Skies of Arcadia (Eternal Arcadia)
Rating: T
Length: 1699
Content notes: Underage Drinking and Age Gaps.
Author notes: Doubles as a fill for GenPrompt Bingo. \o/
Summary: Vyse is feeling left out since Aika and Fina got together, so he goes to the only man who he feels can empathize with him. In doing so he discovers that Aika and Fina's new relationship actually clears the air and gives him a chance at something more with the man he's idolized since they met.

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