Title: More than Black and Blue
Fandom: Baseball RPF (SF Giants)
Pairing: Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey
Rating: explicit
Length: ~1,700
Content notes: Contains mild pain play
Summary: Awkward foul ball hops happen...and that's not always a bad thing.
Notes: For the "Bruises" challenge. This one's for the anon who prompted me on tumblr.

Awkward foul ball hops happen; if you can't handle them then you need to hang up your catcher's gear and learn to love third base. )
Title: Just a Game of Catch
Fandom: Baseball RPF (SF Giants)
Rating: general
Length: ~1,000
Content notes: nothing requiring a mandatory warning
Summary: Oh July 13, 2012, Matt Cain pitched the twenty-second perfect game pitched in major league history and the first in the 128 year history of the Giants franchise. He was caught by Buster Posey.
Notes: For the Performance Anxiety challenge

Buster kind of wishes he could go down into the tunnel and throw up right about now. )
Title: Five Times Buster Posey Didn't Kiss Tim Lincecum (and the One Time Tim Kissed Buster)
Fandom: Baseball RPF (SF Giants)
Pairing: Tim Lincecum/Buster Posey
Rating: teen
Length: 4,800
Content notes: contains very mild drug use
Author notes: Not much to say about this one; I saw the challenge, had the idea and wrote it. Thank you to [personal profile] darkrose for looking it over; any mistakes are mine alone.
Summary: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Buster feels like an idiot, because who the hell is he to criticize the two time Cy Young winning face of the franchise? )


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