Title: Pixie Boys of the 1950s [Comeback Tour]
Author: LM Simpson (Kady the Red Panda)
Fandom(s): Mr Peabody and Sherman, Tintin, Spirou
Pairing(s): Tintin/Spirou
Rating: K
Warning(s): very improbable crossover
Summary: Sherman's biological parents have arrived in New York City, and he's not sure how to react.
Word Count: 1422
Disclaimer: I am not associated with any of these series's copyright holding companies.
Other tidbits: Yep, more crossover goodness. This is the latest in the "Sherman being Spirou and Tintin's long lost son" series I've been working on.  It's Sherman's "birthday" today so I thought it'd be nice to whip out a short fic about their actual reunion and continue on in another, separate story.

I selected "Pixie Boys of the 1950s" from this round's title prompt list because all three characters existed in the 1950s (Tintin and Spirou going into their second decade of existence, and Sherman just beginning in the late 1950s). All three are at times quite naughty little pixie like characters too, so it fits. The "Comeback Tour" should be obvious for anyone that's been reading the other installments, considering this is the part of the story where the three get together as a "family" for the first time in seven years in the headcanon canon.



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Title: We Need to Talk About Sherman
Author: LM Simpson (Kady the Red Panda)
Pairing(s): Tintin/Spirou
Rating: K
Warning(s): mpreg, very improbable crossover
Word Count: about 1600
Summary: Prompt: revision. Sometimes it's just better to just say something now than later.
Disclaimer: Spirou, Tintin, and Mr Peabody are all their respective copyright owner's property. I'm only borrowing the characters for a tea party.
Other tidbits:
Yep, this is definitely not a joke headcanon anymore. I doubt it's true at all but it's very interesting, I have to say. My last fanfiction for this had Spirou and Tintin deciding to wait to tell Sherman what his past was. This is an alternative version where they collaborate with Mister Peabody to make sure it's okay for them to explain together to Sherman what his past is.



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Title: Whatever Happened to Baby Francis?
Author: LM Simpson (Kady the Red Panda)
Fandom(s): Spirou & Fantasio, Adventures of Tintin, Mr Peabody and Sherman
Pairing(s): Tintin/Spirou
Rating: K
Word Count: 1572
Warning(s): mpreg through very questionable science, very improbable crossover
Summary: He went half a world away, all the while his parents's hearts ached.  Adventures of Tintin/Spirou and Fantasio/Mr Peabody and Sherman crossover fic
Disclaimer: The people that own all the various copyrights to Tintin, Spirou, and Mister Peabody and Sherman are very fortunate people indeed. The quotes from REM's "Half a World Away" are not mine either, though I wish I was talented enough to write them.
Other tidbits:
Did you notice that in the new Mister Peabody movie that Sherman has Tintin hair as a baby and Spirou hair as a child? The idea of Tintin and Spirou being Sherman's fathers was originally a joke headcanon that is quickly... becoming not a joke at all. Oddly, I'm not even into mpreg that much at all. The only other mpreg thing I wrote was a parody.  But the idea of two adorable Belgian redheads having a baby together was too cute to resist. I have not seen the Peabody movie yet so when this goes on my journal and/or elsewhere I'll edit it whenever I see the movie if it deviates enough from the actual material.




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