Challenge 261: Amnesty

  • Apr. 20th, 2019 at 5:24 PM
Our new challenge is our forty-third:


During amnesty challenges, you can post works for any of the challenges we've had to date:
The Lost Hour, Triangle, Anywhere But Here, Stages, Five Things, Do-Over, Genre, Drag, Communication, Self-Portrait, Breakfast, Performance Anxiety, Double, Role Reversal, Win or Lose, Old Friends, Mythology, Wire, Cliché, Secrets, Borrowed Title, School, Ghosts and Gore, Warmth, Interruptions, Solitary, Apology, Season, Masks, Elusive or Ephemeral, Introductions, Diamonds and Pearls, The Other Side, Purgatory, Horoscope, Candles, Not What It Looks Like, Games, Comfort, Teaching, Technology, Dangling, Kids, Silver Lining, Stuck, Spicy, Bruise, Entertaining, Backward, Photo, Washing, Transformation, Trapped, Red, Teamwork, Z, Weather, Seven, Resolutions, History, Lost and Found, Telephone, Rough, Question, Revision, Jewelry, Element, Shinies, Flight, Fight, Drugs, Monsters, Health and Fitness, Hot Water, Family, Doorway, Puzzles, Enemies, Footwear, Exploration, Music, Sweet & Sour, Haunted, Choices, Mirror, Disaster, Contraband, Kindness, Sea Life, Burn, Fast-Forward, Fancy, Arithmetic, Stripes, Locked, Chemistry, Unidentified Object, Refusal, Wager, Punch, Midnight, Dancing, Flavor, United, Scales, The End of the World, Sleepless, Floating, Identity, Cake, Cheating, Date, Dirty, Hit the Wall, Air, Relative, Hand, Gift, Fortune, On the Outside, Memory, Metal, Voice, Up, One Night Only, Ink, Wish, Shot, Hide and Seek, Wolf, Rose, Whistle, Egg, Crack, Numbers, Suitcase, Ball, House, Honor/Honour, Step, Honey, Confession, Station, Keeping Score, Rock, Villain, Square, Naked, New, Dog, Lever, Party, Together, Apple, Mending, Paper, Shoulder, Rush, Pool, Abandon, Tree, Fast or Slow, Toes, Thief, Loud, Glass, Best, Disguise, Messenger, Pair, 24 Hours, Glue, Name, Check, Office, Rude, Drive, Ice, Murder, Stretch, Drinking Alone, Blanket, Slice, Fall, Diary, Breakdown, Butt, Hunt, Generosity, Ring, Witness, Truth or Dare, Language, On Top, Wave, Did What Where?, Ship, Prediction, Knock, Bar, Feed, Green, Eye, Never, Mountain, Variation, Customs, Book, Promise, Reflect, Key, Throw, Note, Restraint, Wings, Point, Light, Cave

Of course, you're always welcome to post multiple works to any challenge if you finish them before the challenge closes, but that isn't always possible. So dust off those unfinished works and half-formed ideas -- now is the time!

In amnesty rounds, please include the challenge you are posting for in the subject line of your post (eg, Fortune Challenge: Guardian: Podfic: Behind the Mask).

Each work created for this challenge should be posted as a new entry to the comm. Posting starts now and continues up until the challenge ends at 4pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, May 1st. No sign-up required.

Mods will tag your work with fandom, media and challenge. When you've posted entries to three consecutive challenges, you will earn a name tag, and we'll go back and tag all your previous entries with your name.

All kinds of fanworks in all fandoms are welcome. Please have a look at our guidelines before you play. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact a mod. And if you have any suggestions for future challenges, you can leave them in the comments of this post.

Our Birthday Bingo is open until July 1st 2019: click here for details, to request a card or to claim a Bingo badge.

Also, keep an eye out for the next [community profile] ffw_social post, which will go up in the next couple of days. If you haven't joined the comm yet, it's never too late to come and check it out. (Remember, posts are locked, which means you have to join to see them.)

Admin: Challenge closed

  • Mar. 1st, 2019 at 5:04 PM
The Amnesty challenge is now closed. Here are the entries:

Identity: Guardian: fanfic: I am but the sea, by [personal profile] teaotter
United Challenge: Blue Exorcist: Fanart (Wallpaper): Fighters, by [personal profile] jordannamorgan
One Night Only: The Magicians: Fanfic: Hypnotic, by [personal profile] greywash
Z Challenge: Sherlock Holmes (ACD): Fanfic: From Zachariah to Zulu, by [personal profile] smallhobbit
Backward: Shadowhunters/The Vampire Diaries: Fanfic: and for dessert i'll suck your teeth, by [personal profile] elasticella
The Lost Hour: Eerie, Indiana: Fic: Hashmarks, by [personal profile] evilinsanemonkey
Silver Lining Challenge: Final Fantasy Type-0: Fanfiction: the land beneath us still lives, by [profile] grainsofsaturn
Lost and Found: Guardian: fanart: Practising your name, by [personal profile] china_shop
Hide & Seek: Sherlock (BBC): Fanfic: Four-footed Intelligence, by [personal profile] smallhobbit
Metal Challenge: Torchwood: Fanfic: Penance, by [personal profile] badly_knitted
Season: The Vampire Diaries: Fanfic: the smell of autumn leaves and gasoline, by [personal profile] elasticella
Identity: The Magicians: Fanfic: Buyback, by [personal profile] greywash
Old Friends: The Vampire Diaries: Fanfic: the night is long (i'll be waiting), by [personal profile] elasticella
The End of the World - Swallows and Amazons - Fanfiction - Do Not Go Gentle, by [personal profile] elen_nare
Introductions: Teen Wolf & Harry Potter: Fanfic: Chance Meeting, by [personal profile] kurosakiami01
Triangle: Eerie, Indiana: FIc: What Friends are For, by [personal profile] evilinsanemonkey
Amnesty - Suitcase: The Faculty: FanFic: The Morning After, by [personal profile] prisca
Cliche Challenge: Carmilla (Web Series): Sedoka: I Am Nothing But A Moth To Your Flame, by [personal profile] infinitum_noctem
Diamonds and Pearls: Nature: Sig Tags, by [personal profile] elasticella
Rose Challenge: No Fandom: Jewelry: Vintage Roses Bracelet, by [personal profile] jordannamorgan
Unidentified Object: Original: Fanfic: Unidentified Feelings, by [personal profile] gunsnships
Hot Water : Star Trek (AoS) : fic : Caught, by [personal profile] highlander_ii
Amnesty - Ice: Legend of Zelda: BOTW : Fic : Mountaineer, by [personal profile] casualbird
Solitary: Guardian: fanart: Who will take your place?, by [personal profile] china_shop
Square Challenge: The Handmaid's Tale: Fanfic: Perfect square, by [personal profile] m_findlow
Teamwork Challenge: Torchwood: Fanfic: All Hands On Deck, by [personal profile] badly_knitted
Sleepless : Suits : Fic : You Know I'm Right, by [personal profile] highlander_ii
floating : no fandom : icons : things that float, by [personal profile] highlander_ii
Kids: Silmarillion: Fanfic: People, by [personal profile] lferion
Amnesty - Monsters: IZombie: FanFic: His true self, by [personal profile] prisca
Music : Suits : fic : Unnoticed, by [personal profile] highlander_ii
Teaching: The Libertines: Podfic: Hands, by [personal profile] caveat_lector
Burn - Swallows and Amazons - fanfiction - Burn, by [personal profile] elen_nare
The Other Side : Emergency! : fic : Jump, by [personal profile] highlander_ii
Sleepless: The Vampire Diaries: Fanfic: until we close our eyes for good, by [personal profile] elasticella
Amnesty - Villain: All-New Ghost Rider: Fanfic: Beware The Orb, by [personal profile] rokhal
One Night Only: The Libertines: Podfic: Carlisle Calling, by [personal profile] caveat_lector
History Challenge: Star Wars: Fanfic: What Was, What Is, by [personal profile] drabblewriter
Telephone: due South: Fanfic: Phone Calls and Pizza, by [personal profile] fengirl88
Did what where?: Magic Knight Rayearth: Fanfic: Hazard Scores, by [personal profile] down

Also, congratulations to those who earned name tags and achievement badges this round:

[personal profile] gunsnships, who earned a Bingo!
[personal profile] highlander_ii, who earned a Bingo!
[personal profile] elasticella, who earned Bingo! (GOLD), 12 Challenge Streak

\o/ \o/ \o/

Thank you to everyone who participated! You're now free to post your entries to your journal or wherever else you'd like. If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our fan_flashworks collection there.

New challenge coming right up!
Title: Hazard Scores
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: General
Length: 2150ish words
Content notes:AU
Author notes: Stand-alone, post-canon. For 'did what where?' on my bingo card.
Summary: The Knights are terrible students. Clef probably deserves them.

Hazard Scores )
Title: Phone Calls and Pizza
Fandom: due South
Length: 1450
Rating: PG
Content notes: consent issues
Characters: Fraser, RayK
Author note: third in the series beginning with Discord and Strife and continued in Dance Steps and Explosions. Fill for the Wish bingo square.
Summary: Fraser’s only been away from his desk for ten minutes, but there’s a note from Turnbull that wasn’t there before. Detective Vecchio telephoned. He asks you to call him at your earliest convenience.

Phone Calls and Pizza )
Title: What Was, What Is
Fandom: Star Wars Sequel Trilogy (post-TLJ)
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,687
Characters/Ships: Wedge Antilles(/Luke Skywalker), Rey
Summary: Wedge and Rey discuss their experiences with Luke Skywalker.
Note: For fan_flashworks challenge "history" and fan_flashworks bingo square "secrets."

What Was, What Is )
Title: Carlisle Calling
Fandom: The Libertines
Pairing: Peter Doherty/Carl Barât
Reader's name: [personal profile] caveat_lector
Author's name: sullenhearts
Link to text version of story: Carlisle Calling
Rating: General
Length/file size: 18.14 min, 17.9 Mb mp3
Content notes: None
Podficcer's notes: No sound effects or drastic volume changes. Short piano intro. For the 'One Night Only' square on my bingo card.
Summary: Carl turns up to join Peter on stage in Carlisle. (Podficcer's summary.)

'Carlisle Calling' at Dropbox.
Title: Beware The Orb
Fandom: All-New Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics)
Characters: Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow, Mr. Wakefield, The Orb
Rating: R
Words: 6k
Challenge 255: Amnesty. Prompt: Villain

Read more... )

The Other Side : Emergency! : fic : Jump

  • Feb. 28th, 2019 at 5:39 PM
Title: Jump
Fandom: Emergency!
Rating: PG-13
Length: 100 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: drabble for bingo; this one's #5 and gets me a middle-line bingo
Summary: The boys are on a call and Johnny's gonna jump from one roof to the next to save some people

Jump )
Title: Burn
Fandom: Swallows and Amazons
Rating: M
Length: 500 words
Content notes: For the 'Burn' challenge at fan_flashworks, the 'bed' prompt in my 100fandoms card, and the 'sex' prompt in my 50x500 Swallows and Amazons challenge.
Author notes: A prequel to the last section of Don't Lie.
Summary: With war raging, Nancy and John seize the chance of what they know may be their only night together.

Read more... )

Teaching: The Libertines: Podfic: Hands

  • Feb. 28th, 2019 at 10:31 PM
Title: Hands
Fandom: The Libertines
Pairing: Peter Doherty/Carl Barât
Reader's name: [personal profile] caveat_lector
Author's name: wallofglass
Link to text version of story: Hands
Rating: General
Length/file size: 5.50 min, 5.47 Mb mp3
Content notes: Fluff
Podficcer's notes: No sound effects or drastic volume changes. Short piano intro. For the 'teaching' square on my bingo card.
Summary: Carl didn't notice how small his hands were until he gave Peter his guitar for the first time. (Author's summary)

'Hands' at Dropbox.

Music : Suits : fic : Unnoticed

  • Feb. 28th, 2019 at 4:29 PM
Title: Unnoticed
Fandom: Suits
Rating: PG
Length: 100 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: drabble written for my bingo card here at ffw.
Summary: Young Harvey sneaks downstairs to listen to his dad practice the saxophone.

Unnoticed )
Title: His true self
Fandom: IZombie
Characters: Liv Moore, Blaine DeBeers
Rating: R
Words: 300
Challenge 255: Amnesty and Extra Challenge Bingo: Monsters (for 'any prompt')
Also fills a the prompt 'cull' for [profile] 100_fandoms

His true self )

Kids: Silmarillion: Fanfic: People

  • Feb. 28th, 2019 at 7:14 AM
Title: People
Fandom: Silmarillion & etc.
Challenge: Kids
Bingo: Teaching
Rating: G
Length: 100
Content notes: N/A
Author notes: There are various theories in the Legendarium on how orcs come to be. Thanks to Morgynleri, Zana, and various of the authors for thoughts and encouragement.
Summary: Thoughts on orcs

People )
Title: things that float
Fandom: none
Rating: G
Summary: icons of cool things that float; made for bingo card

things that float )
Title: You Know I'm Right
Fandom: Suits
Rating: PG-13
Length: 100 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: I wrote a couple drabbles for another challenge and never got them posted, so I found a way to fit them into my bingo card.
Summary: Mike's having a hard time dealing with a rejection.

You Know I'm Right )

Title: All Hands On Deck
Fandom: Torchwood
Author: [personal profile] badly_knitted
Characters: Ianto, Jack, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Rhys.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3231
Spoilers: Nada.
Summary: When Ianto’s phone goes off in the early hours of the morning, he knows it’ll be the start of another long night.
Content Notes: None needed.
Written For: Challenge 255: Amnesty, using Challenge 65: Teamwork. Also for the ‘Telephone’ square on my bingo card.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.

All Hands On Deck... )
Title: Perfect square
Fandom: The Handmaid's Tale
Characters: Offred
Author: m_findlow
Rating: M
Length: 652 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: Written for Challenge 255 - Amnesty and Challenge 175 - Square (Bingo square)
Summary: Offred's life is full of contradictions.

Read more... )
Title: Who will take your place?
Fandom: Guardian
Rating: G
Notes: Made in Paint.NET. 960x540px. Lyric from Alison Moyet's song, "This House" (just the chorus, though). I keep noodling at this and need to post it before I ruin it entirely. /o\ Spoiler for episode 40.
Summary: Ye Zun.

Who will take your place? )
Title: Mountaineer
Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rating: G
Length: 200
Content notes: N/A
Author notes: N/A
Summary: It was the only place the Calamity couldn't reach.

Mountaineer )


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