Ghost Rider: Fanfic: It's A Trap

  • Apr. 17th, 2019 at 10:18 PM

Title: It’s a Trap
Fandom: Ghost Rider (comics)
Characters: Robbie Reyes (Ghost Rider 2015), Eli Morrow (The ghost from Ghost Rider 2015), Noble Kale (The ghost from Ghost Rider 1990, who got his own body at the end of his series), Black Rose (Roxanne Simpson-Blaze, who was resurrected as a demon at the end of Ghost Rider 1990)
Rating: PG-15
Length: 4k
Content notes: Canon-typical violence (means: a lot). Bomb. Whump.
Author notes: For the fan-flashworks prompt Cave and my Birthday Bingo prompt Whistle.
Summary: Robbie, Noble, and Black Rose lure a white nationalist biker gang into a trap at the leader’s cattle ranch. Noble puts the Penance Stare on them. Robbie discovers that flaming skulls and improvised explosives don't mix.

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Ghost Rider: Fanfic: Redshift

  • Apr. 10th, 2019 at 7:52 AM
Title: Redshift
Fandom: Ghost Rider (comics)
Rating: PG-13
Content notes: Illegal street racing, cursing, Robbie Reyes gets dumped basically because he is too busy taking care of his brother who has disabilities
Pairing: Lisa / Rhonda Rubens (Pyston Nitro)
Summary: Lisa breaks up with Robbie, rebounds with Pyston Nitro. Pyston Nitro is...way, way, way more fun to date, but she has so many secrets.

Fills the challenge "light" and the bingo prompt "fast-forward."

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Ghost Rider: Fic: Appetizer

  • Mar. 27th, 2019 at 5:58 PM
Title: Appetizer
Fandom: Ghost Rider (comics)
Rating: T
Length: 2500
Summary: A man faces his reckoning for the people he has harmed---and becomes a snack for a demon. Continues my previous fic in this 'verse, "You Must Feel The Burn," picks up after Ghost Rider Noble Kale, Robot Racer Robbie Reyes, and Blackheart's ex-hench-demon Black Rose leave a Buffalo Wild Wings in Indiana to go wreck some white nationalists. Breitbart-News-Reader POV, mention of previous sexual abuse and violence, torture, badness.
Fills the prompt "Point" and the bingo square "History."

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Ghost Rider: Fic: You Must Feel The Burn

  • Mar. 18th, 2019 at 9:26 PM
Title: You Must Feel The Burn
Fandom: All-New Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider (1990)
Rating: T
Length: 3k
Content notes: Heavily implied violence. They make plans to hunt skinheads after dinner
Summary: After defeating the Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse, most recently Famine, Robbie Reyes (Los Angeles' Robot Racer), Noble Kale (Brooklyn's Spirit of Vengeance), and Black Rose (nee Roxanne Simpson) stop for chicken wings. Noble Kale, being the ghost of an original WASP, has never heard of habañero sauce. Eli wants honey-mustard and ultraviolence, and he gets one of two. Robbie and Noble talk about possession, while repeatedly forgetting about Black Rose.

Author notes: For the [community profile] fan_flashworks challenge wings and the bingo square spicy. Continues a drabble series created for 15minutefics on Pillowfort, but this fic should stand on its own.

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Title: Eli, My Friend
Fandom: All-New Ghost Rider
Rating: PG-15
Length: 4k
Content notes: Drug use, cursing, Russian cursing, discussion of murder
Summary: Los Angeles mobster Yegor Ivanov tries to persuade his hitman Eli Morrow to stop killing so many people in his free time. Eli would much rather show Yegor his new car.

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Title: Beware The Orb
Fandom: All-New Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics)
Characters: Robbie Reyes, Eli Morrow, Mr. Wakefield, The Orb
Rating: R
Words: 6k
Challenge 255: Amnesty. Prompt: Villain

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All-New Ghost Rider: Vocation

  • Feb. 20th, 2019 at 8:02 AM
Title: Vocation
Fandom: All-New Ghost Rider (Marvel Comics)
Challenge: Note 
Rating: PG-13
Length: 5k
Content notes: Cursing.
Summary: Newly-disabled young gangster Guero Valdez tracks down Ramon "El Perro Rabioso" Cordova for an interview for the school paper.

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