Title: Fan-Flashworks retrospective cookies

Note: As with most kitchen expeditions, this was a joint project between me and [personal profile] heron61. The shaky decorating hand is all me, though. :D

This'll take some explanation!

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Title: Song of the Great Washed
Fandom: Fannish RPF
Rating: G
Length: 100
Content notes: N/A
Author notes: Thanks go to Kevin and Andy and sundry others of the Bay Area costuming community.

This song refers to a thing we actually did a couple of years at BayCon, after encountering a few too many folk who neglected to follow these precepts. (The gaming-room was particularly odiferous, but not unique in nasal offense). We called ourselves 'The Great Washed.' We all dressed in bathrobes and towels and so forth, and Kevin had a scrubbie-on-a-stick that served as a combination scepter and drum-major baton. There were rubber duckies of every size and color, soap-on-a-ropes being swung like censers, and great fun was had. I think there were 30-odd people in the procession at one point, chanting "Lather, Rinse, Repent!" The photo is of a badge-ribbon from a subsequent BayCon.

The soaps listed are all real, including Lever 2000, and present in one form or another in the procession.

Summary: Lather, rinse, repent!

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Title: Fanvidder's Guide to YouTube Copyright
Rating: G
Summary: What to do when hit by a YouTube copyright claim

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