Sleepy Hollow: Fanfic: TLC

  • Jul. 10th, 2018 at 7:46 PM
Title: TLC
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Prompt and challenges: fan_flashworks challenge #232 prompt(s) « On top »
Characters and relationships: Ichabod Crane, Abigail Mills
Length: 860ish (words)
Content notes: May contain traces of nuts and fluff.
Author notes: Still no kink. Erf…
Ichabod would do anything to help Abby heal, especially if it involves a healthy dose of TLC.

Title: Our eternal souls
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Prompts: Generosity, Ring, Witness
Challenge: 231 (amnesty)
Characters: Original characters symbolized by { and }, Ichabod Crane, Abigail Mills
Length: 299 and then some
Author's notes:
Vying for the Complexity Theorist Badge…
This all got way out of hands. It doesn’t come out even halfway as I wanted it to. Do you too have the impression sometimes that your characters have a mind of their own and (successfully) try to bully you into writing what suits them instead of what you want? It certainly felt that way this time, like I had to fight for my story… and lost.
Back in the sands of time, a man was chosen to Witness the greatest battle of all.
Nowadays, the fight isn't over yet.

Eternal souls )

Sleepy Hollow: Fanfic: Betrayal

  • May. 15th, 2015 at 6:28 PM
Title: Betrayal
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Rating: G
Length: 200
Summary: Ichabod Crane receives more than one punch.

The horseman's punch took Ichabod Crane's breath away. )
Title: roll with the changes
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
author: helsinkibaby
Rating: PG
Length: 368 words
Pairing: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills
Summary: Frank thinks about how far he and Jenny have come from their first meeting.

roll with the changes )

Sleepy Hollow, Fic, Reframing a Question

  • Nov. 9th, 2014 at 2:46 PM
Fic: Reframing a Question
Author: helsinkibaby
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Pairing: Frank Irving/Jenny Mills
Rating: g
spoilers : everything to date to be safe, but set in the future
Summary: Frank gets out of Tarrytown Psych and goes to see Jenny, with a question.
Read more... )
Title: My Future, Your History
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow and Continuum
Spoilers: Sleepy Hollow S1, Continuum - S1-S2  (but I'm not current on either show)
Summary: Ichabod and Kiera have a lot in common
Notes: This comes in lieu of the fic which I'd like to see written.  It was supposed to be an illustrated guide (and at some point art, and a vid), but my computer wasn't playing along.

Read more... )

Sleepy Hollow: Fanfic: Most Precious

  • Mar. 28th, 2014 at 7:26 PM
Title: Most Precious
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Characters: Ichabod (and Katrina)
Word count: 100
Rating: G
Disclaimer: The characters and situations portrayed here are not mine, they belong to 20th Century Fox Television. This is a fan authored work and no profit is being made. Please do not archive this story without my permission.
Author’s Notes: I’m a sucker for a good romance, and the fact that Ichabod so clearly loves his wife makes them perfect OTP material in my eyes.
Summary: Ichabod thinks of his wife.

Most Precious )

Sleepy Hollow: Fic: Waiting

  • Oct. 12th, 2013 at 11:22 AM
Title: Waiting
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: T
Length: 100 (drabble)
Characters: Jenny Mills
Content notes: Set in a mental hospital. Spoilers for most recent episode (4).
Badge notes: Character of Color, CK, Early Bird, Brave New Fandom
Summary: It was better for them to think she was trapped.

Read more... )
Title: The Mirror's Stranger
Challenge #61:
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow
Rating: G
Length: 1012 words
Summary: Abbie insists Ichabod undergo a sartorial transformation for a case.

Read more... )

Sleepy Hollow (TV): Fanfic: Moments Captured

  • Sep. 17th, 2013 at 11:16 PM
Title: Moments Captured
Challenge #59: Photo
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: G
Length: 347 words
Summary: Abbie known that there is a lot about her world that Ichabod Crane does not understand.
Author's Note: Yes, only the pilot of Sleepy Hollow has aired, but it fit this challenge so well so....

Read more... )


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