Disgaea: Fanfic: Crossing the Gap

  • Feb. 10th, 2019 at 6:55 PM
Title: Crossing the Gap
Fandom: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Rating: PG
Length: 415 Words
Content Notes: This is silly.
Author Notes: Believe it or not, this is a legitimate game mechanic. ... These are the same characters as the ones who appear in my very first Fan Flashworks story, Thirteen O'Clock, but, since that story is fundamentally dark, I decided to give them a break. Also: This fills the standard prompt (Throw), but it also fills one of the squares (Rude) on my Fan Flashworks Bingo Card.
Summary: If you need to reach a place, throw your friends!

* * * *

Crossing the Gap )
Title: Thirteen O'Clock
Author: [personal profile] samuraiter
Fandom: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Rating: R
Length: 2,775
Pairing: N / A
Content Notes: This is a Disgaea 'fic, but done in the style of Corpse Party, so ... deaths and scares, going for a creepy atmosphere. Not very Disgaea-y, but there it is.
Spoiler Info: There are no spoilers in this story.
Author Notes: Posted for Amnesty 3. All characters here are technically OCs representing different classes in the game. Attempted to do this in one hour or less, but got a little carried away, and it ended up three times the planned size.
Summary: Not everybody who goes into the Item World returns.

Thirteen O'Clock )


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