Title: Hidden
Fandom: Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)
Characters: Jon Snow, Ygritte
Author: m_findlow
Rating: M
Length: 1,693 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: Written for Challenge 250 - Promise and Challenge 217 - Blanket (Bingo square)
Summary: Hiding what they're doing is easy. Hiding the truth is much harder.

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Title: May Day Failure
Fandom: Spooks (MI5)
Rating: PG
Length: 818
Summary: Lucas has a plan for the Bank Holiday 

Having been invited )


Title: Warm Hands, Warm Heart
Fandom: Persona 4
Pairing: Yuu/Kanji
Rating: G
Word Count: 995
Summary: Yuu and Kanji hang out on a cold winter's day.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart )

Title: Homecoming
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: G
Content Notes: A/B/O dynamics, kid fic
Length: 593
Challenge: blanket
Summary: Even after a year, Bucky still hasn't got used to this.

Homecoming )
Title: Attributes Not Available to Most Men
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (ACD)
Rating: G
Length: 1,269
Summary: The Ocelot relates a case in which his assistance was of use to Holmes and Watson
Part of my Marylebone Monthly Illustrated series, of which the Ocelot is the editor.

Title: Olive Branch
Fandom: North and South
Rating: G
Length: 607
Challenge: 'blanket'
Summary: Margaret's mother-in-law offers an olive branch that Margaret has no intention of refusing.

Olive Branch )
Title: Snakes and Ladders
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (ACD)
Rating: G
Length: 129 words plus 6 pictures
Summary: Crochet!Holmes contemplates the Snakes and Ladders board

Sherlock Holmes surveyed the path )

Admin: Challenge closed

  • Feb. 11th, 2018 at 6:03 PM
The Blanket is now closed. Here are the entries:

Blanket: Odin Sphere fanfic: Flowers in a Vase by [personal profile] tehexile
Peanuts: Monorhyme: Insecurities by [personal profile] infinitum_noctem
Sherlock Holmes (ACD): Fanfic: The Knitted Blanket by [personal profile] smallhobbit
Final Fantasy XII: Fanfic: Messing Up the Blankets by [personal profile] pantswarrior
Once Upon a Time: Fanfic: I'd love to be the reason a smile comes to your face by [personal profile] fadedwings
The Good Place: fanart: warms my heart by [personal profile] teaotter
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: Fanfic: A Blanket and a Song by [personal profile] fengirl88
Fullmetal Alchemist: Fic: Study Break by [personal profile] jordannamorgan
Star Trek: the Original Series: Fanfic: Good Return for Labour by [personal profile] snowynight
Torchwood: Fanfic: Blanket Comfort by [personal profile] badly_knitted
Original: Crochet: Flower Blanket by [personal profile] mafief
Critical Role (campaign 2): fanfiction: Cold Night by [personal profile] elen_nare
Marvel Comics (Hawkeye): fanfic: Blanket Hog by [personal profile] fadedwings
The Silmarillion, etc: Poetry: Blanket Protection by [personal profile] lferion
Game of Thrones (A song of ice and fire): Fanfic: War with no face by [personal profile] m_findlow
Original: Poetry: Some Mornings by [personal profile] thewhitelily
Dresden Files : Fic : Staying In by [personal profile] highlander_ii
Hawaii Five-O (2010): Fic: Operation Sleeptight by [personal profile] solosundance
As You Like It: Fanfic: A Blanket Between Friends by [personal profile] lexigent
Magic Knight Rayearth: Fanfic: A roof over your head by [personal profile] down
Star Wars Legends: Fanfic: Despair and Hope by [personal profile] drabblewriter
Magic Knight Rayearth: Fanfic: First Date by [personal profile] milieva
Final Fantasy XV: Fanfiction: Patched Together by [personal profile] grains_of_saturn

\o/ \o/ \o/

Thank you to everyone who participated! You're now free to post your entries to your journal or wherever else you'd like. If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our fan_flashworks collection there.

New challenge is on its way.
Title: Patched Together
Fandom: Final Fantasy XV
Characters: Cor Leonis, Iris Amicitia, Prompto Argentum
Rating: PG13
Length: 2, 040 words
Warnings: Spoilers for the second half of the game.
Summary: Relying on others doesn't come easy for Cor, but Prompto and Iris try their best.

Patched Together )

Magic Knight Rayearth: Fanfic: First Date

  • Feb. 10th, 2018 at 11:53 PM
Title: First Date
Rating: Teen
Length: 870 words
Content notes: Talk of sex and mentions of childbirth.
Author notes: I was going to try to write a cute little romantic picnic. Instead I wrote them arguing. I guess for these two this is as close to romantic as you get?
Summary: For their first anniversary, Umi and Clef go out for a midnight picnic.

Read more... )

Star Wars Legends: Fanfic: Despair and Hope

  • Feb. 10th, 2018 at 5:48 PM
Title: Despair and Hope
Fandom: Star Wars Legends (Harry Potter AU)
Rating: G
Word Count: 781
Characters/Ships: Wedge Antilles, Tycho Celchu
Summary: Tycho, accused of being a Death Eater, is trapped in Azkaban awaiting trail. Wedge is an auror determined to prove his innocence.
Despair and Hope )
Title: A roof over your head
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: Not really teen?
Length: 4000 (oops)
Content notes: N/a
Author notes: I wrote this all in under 5 hours, I am not sure I can feel my fingers anymore, ooooooops. Comes sometime after This is not a drill and Your nice young man, but you don't need to have read either. Also for my [community profile] trope_bingo card, fill for 'sharing a bed'.
Summary: Ascot and Zazu just wanted some time alone with each other, really. They weren't planning on stumbling into a blizzard.

A roof over your head )
Fandom: As You Like It
Rating: G
Word Count: ~500
Characters/Ships: Celia/Rosalind
Notes: Counting this towards Blanket/Identity/Naked.
Summary: Celia and Roz share a moment in the woods.

A Blanket Between Friends )

Title: Operation Sleeptight
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O (2010)
Author: JoJo ([personal profile] solosundance )
Characters:  John McGarrett, Doris McGarrett, Steve McGarrett, Mary Ann McGarrett, Duke Lukela
Genre, rating: Gen, kidfic
Wordcount: 3,131
Challenge: 217: Blanket

Summary:  Steve had always understood what needed to be done when, how, and by whom - especially if it involved danger and breaking rules.

A/n:  Little!Steve and baby!Mary.  I tried really hard not to do a hatchet job on Doris here…

Operation Sleeptight )

Dresden Files : Fic : Staying In

  • Feb. 10th, 2018 at 1:42 PM
Title: Staying In
Fandom: Dresden Files - Jim Butcher
Rating: R/Mature
Word Count: ~1200
Content notes: None apply
Summary: Dresden and Ramirez have a quiet afternoon

Staying In )

Original: Poetry: Some Mornings

  • Feb. 10th, 2018 at 12:01 PM
Title: Some Mornings
Fandom: Original
Challenge: Blanket
Rating: G
Length: 8 lines
Summary: I was doing precisely the below-mentioned when inspiration hit 

Read more... )
Title: War with no face
Fandom: Game of Thrones (A song of ice and fire)
Characters: Stannis, Ser Davos
Author: m_findlow
Rating: PG
Length: 1,274 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: Written for Challenge 217 - Blanket
Summary: Stannis is up against a faceless army determined to defeat him.

Read more... )
Title: Blanket Protection
Fandom: The Silmarillion
Rating: G
Length: 34
Content notes: N/A
Author notes: I was writing about welding safety at work, and this came to me. Picture is from here.
Summary: Sparks fly

Blanket Protection )
Title: Blanket Hog
Fandom: Marvel Comics (Hawkeye)
Character/Pairings: Clint Barton/Kate Bishop
Word Count: 440
Rating: Teen
Warnings: no standard warnings apply
Summary: Clint wakes up cold - again.

Read more... )
Title: Cold Night
Fandom: Critical Role (campaign 2)
Rating: G
Length: 1275
Content notes: set after the 4th episode of the second campaign.
Author notes: This isn't a Jester/Molly fic - but I had a horribly hard time coming up with a summary that doesn't seem to imply it (damn 'sharing a bed for warmth' fic trope!).
Summary: Jester and Molly share a watch, and conversation, on a cold night on the road. 

Read more... )


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