Adventure Time: Haiku: Why Don't You See Me

  • Mar. 23rd, 2019 at 11:26 PM
Title: Why Don't You See Me
Fandom: Adventure Time
Characters: Ice King, Betty (mentioned), Marceline (mentioned), Gunter (mentioned)
Rating: G
Length: 42
Author Notes: Written for Challenge 258: Point and Challenge 98: Haunted (Bingo Square) at fan_flashworks
Summary: Ice King wants others to see him for who he is now, not who he used to be.

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Star Wars: Fanfic: Repeat

  • Mar. 10th, 2019 at 3:44 PM
Title: Repeat
Fandom: Star Wars Legends: X-wing series (Wedge’s Gamble)
Rating: G
Word Count: 147
Characters/Ships: Tycho Celchu
Summary: It’s Lusankya, Akrit’tar, his two months in debriefing all over again
Note: Also for bingo square "haunted."
“Repeat” )
title: your first mistake
fandom: Shivers (1995 video game)
word count: 150
contents: second person; no spoilers beyond the opening movie (and I took some poetic license with that)

Note: I loved this game so much! But I haven't played it in years, and was just reminded by finding some old game CDs. Now if I can just find this one and make it work on my laptop... oh, and this also fills the Haunted square on my bingo card :D

Ghosts aren't real! )
Title: Stuck on Repeat
Fandom: Person of Interest
Characters: Root, Sameen Shaw
Pairings: Root/Shaw
Rating: G
Length: 9
Content Notes: Takes place after 4x11: If-Then-Else. Grief.
Summary: Root is haunted by the day of the Stock Exchange.

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Title: Love Until This Dream is Gone
Fandom: Code Black
Content notes: N/A
Fanmixer notes: This leans heavily on Jaymes Young because when I first found his music I associated it with the two dorks mentioned within. In fandom's past, I used to see fanmixes with ficlets like this. I hope it's okay. Just youtube links for now, sorry.
Summary: Love was something Mario never expected to find and of course it doesn't last.

Love Until This Dream is Gone - 12 songs with links to youtube and ficlets, no cover art )
Title: Surrender
Fandom: Black Sails
Pairing: Miranda Barlow/Captain Flint, Thomas Hamilton/James McGraw(Captain Flint)
Reader's name: [personal profile] caveat_lector
Author's name: [personal profile] caveat_lector
Rating: Explicit
Length/file size: 4.34 min / 4.7Mb mp3
Content notes: pegging
Podficcer's notes: The memory of Thomas is with them in this scene, almost summoned as a ghost.
Summary: Miranda rides him silently on nights like this.

Surrender at Mediafire
Title: lest we forget
Fandom: Romeo and Juliet
Rating: G
Length: ~800 words
Content notes: Just lots and lots of sadness.
Author notes: discussion of canonical character deaths
Summary: Benvolio pays his respects to the dead.

lest we forget )
Title: 613 Shades of Sad
Fandom: The Americans
Music: "613 Shades of Sad" by Asaf Avidan
Clips: S1-S3
Length: 1:45
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Philip has a lot to deal with

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Title: Something Keeps Me Holding on to Nothing
Author: [ profile] clarahow // agentroxylancelots // charleybradburies (will be posted after challenge)
Fandom: Defiance (SYFY)
Characters: Kenya Rosewater & Stahma Tarr
Pairing: Kenya/Stahma
Length: 250w
Rating: M for referenced character (not-actually-)death.
Follows canonical character death and non-canonical character undeath.
Summary: "You and I walk a fragile line; I have known it all this time, but I never thought I'd live to see it break."
Notes: Title and summary from Taylor Swift's 'Haunted'.
For: FFW Challenge #98: Haunted + [ profile] femslash100 drabble tag #6 - prompt: Kenya/Stahma - Forgiveness (requested by [ profile] vitiate_me) + femslash100 drabble cycle #11: kinks - prompt: restrained

stood there and watched you walk away from everything we had, but I still mean every word I said to you )

Haunted: BSG2003: Fic: She's Not There

  • Jun. 20th, 2015 at 9:07 PM
Title: She's Not There
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica 2003
Rating: FRT
Length: 700 words
Content notes: References canon character death.
Author notes: None
Summary: Lee is haunted by Kara's laughter.

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Title: During and After
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Reccer notes: Also for the 'rough' and 'teamwork' challenges.
Summary: These are the amazing stories focusing on Stiles during and after Season 3B when the Nogitsune affects him and how the people around him get together to help him through.
Warning: Spoilers for Season 3B as well as a ridiculous amount of angst and hurt/comfort.

During and After )
Title: Of Ghosts Who Dwell Here
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Length: 525 words
Content notes: no warnings apply
Rating: R
Author's note: Part of the Patterns of Light series.
Summary: It was a mistake to come back, Charles thinks.

of ghosts who dwell here )

due South: Fanfic: Haunted

  • Dec. 29th, 2014 at 7:57 PM
Title: Haunted
Author: [ profile] bghost
Fandom: due South
Rating: G
Length: 675 words
Summary: Ray Vecchio pondering things unsaid
Notes: Written in 27 minutes, no beta - trying to force the words to work again! For the last Amnesty of 2014. Took longer to work out the formatting than typing the story! For prompt 'Haunted'.

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Haunted: FAKE: Fanfic: Haunted

  • Dec. 25th, 2014 at 10:07 PM
Title: Haunted
Fandom: FAKE
Author: [ profile] badly_knitted
Characters: Ryo, mentions his parents.
Rating: PG
Setting: Vol. 5, Act 14.
Summary: Sometimes it’s better to never learn the truth.
Word Count: A drabble - 100 words exactly
Written For: Challenge 105: Amnesty, using Challenge #98: Haunted
Disclaimer: I don’t own FAKE, or the characters. They belong to the wonderful Sanami Matoh.

Haunted... )
Title: Sleeping with Ghosts
Fandom: X-Men First Class, Fatal Frame III
Rating: Gen
Length: 1170
Content notes: Major Character death, angst
Author notes: Takes place in a modern-day AU, non-powered. Betaed by the lovely velvetcadence
Summary: Erik is haunted by Charles. Very vaguely inspired by Fatal Frame III.

Sleeping with Ghosts )
Title: Through Time And Space: Chapter 6 – In Memories And Dreams
Fandom: Torchwood
Author: [ profile] badly_knitted
Characters: Ianto, OFC, OMC, Team Torchwood, Rhi, Mica, David, Jack
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3307
Spoilers: CoE, House of the Dead
Summary: Ianto is haunted by thoughts, dreams, memories, and maybe even visions of the people he’s loved and lost and of those he’s had to leave behind.
Content Notes: None needed.
Written For: Challenge #99: Amnesty, using Challenge #98: Haunted.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Torchwood, or the characters.
A/N: Contains hints of two previous fics I’ve written for other challenges, my drabble ‘The Library of Lives’ and the ficlet ‘All Things To All Men’. It’s not at all necessary to read them in order to understand this chapter, but they feel like they should be a part of this ‘Verse.

Chapter 5

In Memories And Dreams... )
Title: Galinntry
Fandom: Adventure World
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 1071
Summary: Indulgent character introspection about honesty: Galinn contemplates his relationship with Laufrey, and how the shadow of his sister hangs over everything.
Notes: I had hoped to get this done last weekend, but huzzah for amnesty! And yay for actually finishing something at all! Please forgive my terrible title - I used it as a joke then couldn't think of anything better. Subject to change should inspiration strike :p

Galinntry )

Admin: Challenge closed

  • Oct. 20th, 2014 at 10:15 PM
The Haunted challenge is now closed. Here are the entries:

Revenge, fic, Nolan & Emily friendshipl by [ profile] daria234
Sherlock: Fanart: Dewer's Hollow by [ profile] lothiriel84
Supernatural: Fanfic: Ghosts of the Past by [ profile] lt_indigo
The Hobbit: fanfic: Muradîn by [personal profile] lferion
Spirou: fanfic: Now About That Bed by [personal profile] kadytheredpanda
Kino's Journey: Fanfiction: Ghosts by [personal profile] eggplantlady
Torchwood. Fic. Huanted By The Universe by [ profile] love_jackianto
Once Upon A Time: Fanfic: Apparitional by [ profile] salmon_pink
Spooks (MI5): Fanfic: Haunted by [ profile] thesmallhobbit
Captain America: Fanfic: Halfway To Calm by [ profile] salmon_pink
Forever: Fanfic: Panoramic View by [ profile] donutsweeper
Sweeney Todd: Fanfic: The Late Mrs Barker by [personal profile] fengirl88
Galtar and the Golden Lance: Fanfiction: Far From Home by [personal profile] eggplantlady
Final Fantasy VII: Fanfic: Sleeping Together by [personal profile] sanctum_c
White Collar: fanvid: haunted by [personal profile] teaotter
Torchwood: Fanfic: Stranded On Halloween by [ profile] badly_knitted
Unstoppable, fanfic, fled is the nightmare by [ profile] helsinkibaby
The Book Thief: Fanart: Haunted by Humans by [ profile] elen_nare
Once Upon A Time: Fanfic: Led By Left by [ profile] salmon_pink
The Legend of Korra: Gifs: I Am Tenzin by [ profile] dance_the_dance
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Fanfic: Shadows of the Past. by [ profile] banee_noel
Sherlock (BBC): Fanart: Breakdown by [ profile] tardisjournal
The Silmarillion: Fanfic: Taken by [ profile] brookeoflorien
Smallville: Fic: Feeling Younger in my Mind by [ profile] hyperfocused
Star Trek Enterprise: Fanfic: Gift of Comfort by [personal profile] mareel
Jigoku Shoujo: Fanfic: Nightmare by [personal profile] elizabeth_rice
X-men: Days of Future Past: fic: Consequence by [personal profile] mrkinch
Original: Poetry: Horror Show by [personal profile] hyperfocused

Also, congratulations to:

[ profile] daria234, who earned Viceroy of Fantasy (GOLD), The Heartbreaker (SILVER), The Fluffmaster (SILVER), Cracksmith (GOLD), The Bechdel (SILVER), The Yulegoat (SILVER), The Yulegoat (GOLD), Female Characters (SILVER), Chromatic Characters (SILVER), Overseer of the AU (SILVER), The Cross-Pollinator (SILVER), The Governor of Gendom (SILVER) and The Governor of Gendom (GOLD) and
[ profile] lt_indigo, who earned a name tag

\o/ \o/ \o/

Thank you to everyone who participated! You're now free to post your entries to your journal or wherever else you'd like. If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our fan_flashworks collection there.

New challenge coming right up!

Original: Poetry: Horror Show

  • Oct. 20th, 2014 at 7:35 PM
Title: Horror Show
Fandom: No one is a fan of this
Rating: PG for Pretty Gruesome
Length: 80 words
Content notes:
Author notes: (despite the poem's allusions, it wasn't SPN fic that I wrote.)
Summary: The young girl watches her mother die, nobody tries to comfort her.

Horror Show )

Smallville: Fic: Feeling Younger in my Mind

  • Oct. 20th, 2014 at 10:45 PM
Title: Feeling Younger in my Mind
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clark/Lex
Rating: PG
Length: ~900 words
Content notes: pure fluff
Author notes: story set in what I came to call my Ella-verse , in which Lex is President, we all know what Clark does. They are married and have two children, Ella (named after Lex's beloved nanny, Pamela,) who is sixteen, and the biological child of Lex, and Chloe Sullivan, who carried her, and Nathan, named after Clark's father, who miraculously is Clark's child, genetically. As such, he's been able to lift himself a few feet off the ground since he was a toddler. Clark won't admit to being a little jealous about this.
Summary: Finalizing October holiday plans in the Kent-Luthor White House.
Feeling Younger in my Mind )


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