Title: Jenerossi Tea
Fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Rating: G/Gen
Length: 355
Characters: Sheba, Adenine, Dahlia, Electra
Tags: mild spoilers, humour
Summary: Just another of Sheba's tea parties.

Title: Up the Wrong Tree
Fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Rating: G/Gen
Length: 290
Characters: Poppi, Rex, Tora, Morag
Tags: mild spoilers, humour
Summary: Poppi gets stuck in Dog Mode.

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Title: Ominous Fragment
Author: [profile]
Fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles
Characters: Main 6, Seven, OC.
Rating: All audiences.
Length: 352 words.
Summary: A scene from a larger post-game fic. I think it stands well enough alone. Contains major game spoilers, mentioned in passing but not in detail.
On their way, our heroes find evidence of past trouble, and maybe future trouble.

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Title: Strange Metal
Author: [personal profile] redsixwing
Fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles
Characters: Shulk, Reyn
Rating: G
Length: 450 words
Summary: Shulk tries to figure out what the Monado is made of.

Strange Metal )

After Worlds' End

  • Jul. 29th, 2015 at 10:05 PM
Title: After Worlds' End
Fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles
Rating: AA
Length: 802 words
End of the world. Implied/offscreen main character death. Angst.
Notes: MAJOR GAME SPOILERS AHOY. Every decent summary and most notes I've written for this includes massive spoilers - yes, even "Character A talks to Character B." Minor AU.
Summary: Fiora contemplates endings in the restful dark.

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Xenoblade: Fanfic: Taste of Makna

  • Jun. 20th, 2015 at 1:02 PM
Title: Taste of Makna
Fandom: Xenoblade Chronicles
Characters: Melia, Riki
Rating: G
Length: ~200 words
Content notes: N/A
Summary: Pre-game, so no spoilers. Melia remembers the ceremony in Makna Forest when High Entia and Nopon began to trade.

Taste of Makna )


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