Title: The Best Hawkeye
Fandom: Marvel Comics (Hawkeye)
Rating: Teen
Length: 405 words
Content notes: No Warnings Apply
Summary: Kate and Clint playfully argue about who is the best Hawkeye

The Best Hawkeye )
Title: Dog Days of Summer
Fandom: Hawkeye (Comics)
Rating: PG
Characters: Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, Lucky the Pizza Dog
Length: 728
Content notes: None
Summary: A heatwave plus a distinct lack of air-conditioning equals two unhappy Hawkeyes.

Dog Days of Summer )
Title: Cookie Dough Dreams
Fandom: Hawkeye Comics (Fraction run)
Rating: PG
Length: 488
Author notes: Set waaaay post-canon. Established Clint/Kate.
Summary: Clint is frequently a very sweet boyfriend. Unfortunately, things tend to explode when he is.

“Katie, I’m making you a cake!” )
Title: The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
Fandom: Hawkeye (comics)
Word Count: 962
Summary: Kate comes back to New York, but things have happened to Clint in the meantime.
Content Notes: Kate/Clint, spoilers for the Fraction/Aja run up to and including Hawkeye #18. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] baka_yu for the suggestion for this.
Badges: Female Characters

The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You )

Hawkeye: Fanfic: Flammable Material

  • Apr. 1st, 2013 at 9:18 PM
Title: Flammable Material
Fandom: Hawkeye (current Fraction/Aja series)
Rating: PG
Length: 650 words
Content notes: Clint Barton/Kate Bishop.
Author notes: Also fills the prompt "by candlelight" at [community profile] dailyprompt.
Summary: A fuse blows during pizza & classic movie night at Clint's. Shenanigans ensue.

Flammable Material )


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