Title: Sea Change, See Change
Fandom: Wilby Wonderful
Pairing: Dan Jarvis/Duck McDonald (canon pairing)
Rating: teen & up
Genre: free-verse poetry
Length: 84 words
Content notes: mentions past suicidal tendencies
Author notes: Wilby Wonderful is one of the fandoms of the Canadian Six Degrees related fandoms.
Summary: Dan had been suicidal, but the self-destructive bent has been banished by acknowledging and accepting love.

Sea Change, See Change )

Wilby Wonderful: Fanfic: Sunken Treasure

  • Feb. 10th, 2013 at 5:57 PM
Title: Sunken Treasure
Fandom: Wilby Wonderful
Rating: G
Length: ~500 words
Content notes: Dan/Duck, supernatural elements/creatures.
Author notes: Standalone story, but inspired by everyone's comments on a similar one I wrote in this fandom, over here. Thanks to [personal profile] hazelwho for the super fast beta and general loveliness.
Summary: Duck gives Dan a bracelet with some history.

Sunken Treasure )
Title: I Remember You Well in the Chelsea Hotel
Fandoms: Hard Core Logo/Wilby Wonderful
Characters: Billy Tallent, Duck McDonald
Rating: Explicit
Length: 2040 words
Disclaimer: I didn't create these characters, I don't own them, I derive no profit from their use.
Author Notes/Warnings: Post-canon for both movies.  Things have gone less well for Duck than one might have hoped in the interim, and no better than one might have hoped for Billy, meaning that this is a sad story but hopefully not utterly depressing. :)  ETA: This story can be read as a standalone, or as a companion to this story about Dan Jarvis.
Summary: A one-night stand between two strangers who have some things in common.

I Remember You Well in the Chelsea Hotel )


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