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Title: Last Night I Felt Real Arms Around Me
Fandom: Adventure Time
Characters: Princess Bubblegum, Marceline
Pairings: Marceline/Princess Bubblegum
Rating: G
Length: 250
Author Notes: Title is from Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me by The Smiths. Written for Challenge 260: Cave, Challenge 137: Air, and Challenge 128: Floating (Bingo Square) at fan_flashworks
Summary: Bonnibel wakes to find that Marceline is no longer around.

Bonnibel wakes, shivering from a cold draft. Without opening her eyes, she tries to tuck herself further into the blanket, only to discover there isn't one. She sits up and looks around, confused. She remembers Marceline and herself were having a movie night at Marceline's cave house, but the only sign of it is their empty mugs sitting on the side table. She doesn't worry too much about BMO, since he probably decided to leave after seeing the two of them asleep. Marceline, however, should have been on the couch with her, or at least somewhere nearby. Bonnibel can't see her girlfriend in the kitchen from her spot on the couch, so she decides to look upstairs.

After looking around upstairs, and still not finding her girlfriend, Bonnibel decides to look around the cave. As she comes down the stairs back into the living room, she suddenly stops. Marceline is floating above the couch, wrapped up in the blanket they both fell asleep with.

"Hey, Marceline!" After receiving no response, Bonnibel grabs a couch pillow and throws it at the vampire queen's head. "Yoink!"

Marceline startles awake and falls onto the couch. "Huh? Bonnie?"

Bonnibel sits on the couch next to the vampire. "Marceline. You were floating in the air while you were sleeping. Are you okay?"

"Yeah? I don't feel any different. Hey, you're shivering. Did I take the blanket from you? Here." Bonnibel curls up next to her girlfriend, and they stay like that until someone needs them.


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