Title: Hashmarks
Fandom: Eerie, Indiana
Rating: T for general creepiness
Length: 192
Author notes: Amnesty round prompt "The Lost Hour"
Summary: Some glimpses of Janet's time in the lost hour.

She tries to keep track at first. Hashmarks on the wall of her bedroom mark the passage of time. As each day passes on into the next, she adds a line. But it gets harder as time goes on. The days are so identical she forgets if she’s already noted them or if she meant to but didn’t. She can’t remember what day of the week it is anymore because it doesn’t matter when you’re life is loneliness and survival.

Then she keeps track of escapes instead, it’s easier to remember those. The narrow misses, the times she slipped the Garbage Men’s notice. She starts a new record for those, on a different wall. But those days start to blur together, too, as the Garbage Men grow more aware of her. Soon every day is a game of cat and mouse and she’s too busy scurrying from building to building, searching for new places to hide, to have time to worry about what day it is or how long she’s been here.

So when Marshall Teller shows up and tells her it’s been a year, she’s mostly surprised it hasn’t been longer.

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