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Star Wars: Fanfic: Bright

  • Apr. 9th, 2019 at 11:10 PM
Title: Bright
Fandom: Star Wars (post-Ahsoka novel)
Rating: G
Word Count: 212
Characters/Ships: Ahsoka Tano/Kaeden Larte
Summary: Ahsoka and Kaeden spent a moment together between their duties.

Kaeden kisses like a sunrise: bright, warm, reassuring, hopeful.

It had taken Ahsoka a long time to allow her to touch her like this, but not she thinks there are few things that could tear it away from her. With the Jedi Order gone and Ahsoka having no longer been a part of them anyway, the edicts of detachment and chastity no longer apply. Now, she can let Kaeden touch her and love her whenever she wants.

Well, not whenever she wants. Ahsoka's duties as Fulcrum and Kaeden's medical studies on Alderaan keep them apart far too often. Yet whenever Ahsoka can squeeze in a spare couple of days, she flies in, eager to spend all the time she can with her girlfriend and the rest of the Raada refugees she's grown so close to.


Ahsoka blinks and refocuses on the girl in front of her, sees brown eyes dancing with amusement.

“Your head is up in the clouds.” Kaeden grins, her hands sliding from where they'd been framing Ahsoka's cheeks to softly stroke the tips of her lekku. “No duty today, yeah? You're relaxing.”

Ahsoka smiles at the gentle admonishment. “Of course.”

So.” Kaeden grabs her hand and tugs her toward the door. “Where are you taking me for dinner?”


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