Title: 20 Backstreet Boys Solo Project Icons
Fandom: Popslash
Rating: G
Content notes: n/a
Artist notes: Oh hey look it's my pet fandom again. What can I say, they're inspiring. Each boy is featured in icons using photos used to promote their solo albums (Nick's I'm Taking Off, AJ's Have It All, Brian's Welcome Home, and Howie's Back to Me) except Kevin, who hasn't released a solo album as of yet. His icons come from photos used to promote his run in the off Broadway version of Chicago.
Summary: 20 icons from Backstreet Boys solo projects, 4 per member.

20 Backstreet Boys Solo Project Icons )
Title: Sexy Call (Podfic Version)
Fandom: Popslash
Reader's name: [livejournal.com profile] linear_flower
Author's name: [livejournal.com profile] linear_flower
Link to text version of story: Sexy Call
Rating: NC-17
Length/file size: 4:42, 4.42 MB MP3 or 650 KB M4B.
Content notes: Some F-bombs, PWP
Podficcer's notes: Welp, there's nothing more humbling than reading something you wrote 7 years ago out loud. When I finished I was all, "Man I sucked then."

Sexy Call )

Popslash: Fanfic: First Day of School

  • Oct. 20th, 2012 at 2:58 PM
Title: First Day of School
Fandom: Popslash
Rating: PG
Length: 205
Content notes: n/a
Author notes: Counts as "write an-all action story" for SBIGTTS: Writing

First Day of School )
Title: Now and Forever
Fandom: Popslash
Rating: G
Content notes: None
Artist notes: Threw together to post in time for the challenge lol. Also, counts as work #1 for "Brave New Media"
Summary: 20 years, 7 albums, five lifelong friendships

Now and Forever )


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