Title: Point Blank
Fandom: Greek and Roman Mythology
Length: 50
Content notes: character death
Author note: Another version of the Aktaion myth; this is also a fill for the Hunt square on my bingo card.
Summary: Once, your hounds would run for miles

Point Blank )
Title: Charity and Grace
Fandom: Original/Greek and Roman Mythology, modern AU
Length: 500
Rating: PG-13
Content notes: implied past exploitative/abusive relationship
Author note: this falls somewhere between a variation on a Greek myth and a piece of original fiction
Summary: Bar H is no place for an innocent

Charity and Grace )

Greek Mythology: Fanfic: Message Received

  • Sep. 9th, 2017 at 2:00 PM
Title: Message Received
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Characters: Hermes, Dionysus
Rating: Mature
Length: 793 words
Content Notes: mature themes/subjects mentioned nothing explicit.
Summary: Hermes has a message for Dionysus

Message Received )

Greek and Roman Mythology: Haiku: Uncivilized

  • May. 19th, 2016 at 10:36 AM
Title: Uncivilized
Fandom: Greek and Roman Mythology
Length: 17 words
Content notes: no warnings apply
Summary: too short to need one

Uncivilized )

Greek Mythology: Fanfic: Stalemate

  • Mar. 20th, 2015 at 6:58 PM
Title: Stalemate
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Rating: G
Length: ~200 words
Content notes: Hades/Persephone
Author notes: One of these days I'll start a flashworks more than an hour away from the deadline.
Summary: Hades and Demeter are locked in an eternal battle, but everyone seems to forget what Persephone had to say about all this.

Stalemate )
Title: Divine Discontent
Fandom: Greek and Roman mythology
Length: 200 words
Content notes: non-graphic references to canon sex and violence.
Summary: Mortals are nothing but trouble, if you ask the god of the sea.

Divine Discontent )
Title: Would Build A Garden
Fandom: Greek and Roman Mythology
Rating: Teen
Length: 1,052 words
Content notes: Also written for the 7/7 daily word challenge at 1 Million Words, with the prompt, "Nurture," and my hurt/comfort table with the wildcard space prompt, "Kidnapping." Title taken from the Mirah song, "The Garden."
Summary: Persephone explores her new world

Would Build A Garden )

Greek Mythology: Fanfic: Triptolemus

  • May. 10th, 2013 at 11:17 PM
Title: Triptolemus
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Rating: G
Length: 100 words
Summary: Demeter treated Triptolemus as if he was her son.

Triptolemus )
Title: Spread Spring
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Characters: Persephone and Artemis
Rating: G
Length: 185 words
Challenge: Amnesty - Old Friends
Summary: The first time Persephone came back from the Underworld for Spring and Summer, Artemis didn’t know how to act around her. everything had changed, hadn’t it?

Spread Spring )
Title: Goddess Of The Underworld
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Rating: PG
Length: 373 words
Challenge: Purgatory
Summary: It was Persephone's job to to attend to the soul of the dead.

Goddess Of The Underworld )

Greek Mythology: Fanfic: Ghostly

  • Dec. 13th, 2012 at 3:22 AM
Title: Ghostly
Fandom: Greek Mythology
Rating: T/PG+
Length: 495
Content notes: Hades/Persephone
Author notes: For the 'seasons' challenge, because who else is governed by the seasons if not Persephone? Never written in this ~fandom before, orz.
Summary: He knows that Fate has wound them both like this, together in a cyclic motion of seasonal insanity.

Persephone has powers of her own... )

Title: Inseparable
Author: [livejournal.com profile] hardboiledbaby
Fandom: Greek Myth + Alias Smith and Jones
Pairing/Characters: Castor/Pollux, Kid Curry/Hannibal Heyes
Rating: PG
Length: 1,120 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: Written for the "Mythology" challenge. A sequel to Dioscuri. The primary storyline is Castor/Pollux (not a crossover) and can be read as a standalone, I think. Also, there are many variations of the Gemini myth, I have shamelessly cobbled together a version to suit the story. :) Beta'd by [livejournal.com profile] sc_fossil, who is ever faithful, ever true. All remaining errors are mine alone.
Summary: There's kith and there's kin, Grandpa had said, and then there's something else entirely.

Inseparable )


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