Gormenghast - Fanfiction - "Utter Hatred"

  • Aug. 20th, 2014 at 6:46 PM
Title: "Utter Hatred"
Fandom: Gormenghast
Rating: PG
Length: 918
Content notes: No warnings to speak of, aside from animosity between the two players. Possible Steerpike/Titus, if you tilt your head sideways, also a blending of the BBC miniseries and the books.
Author notes: I thought of these two immediately, when I first saw this prompt: it fits them a little too well, as there is utterly no love between them (and there are hints, both in Mervyn Peake's unused notes and in the mini-series, that they might be half-brothers who share the same father....)
Summary: Steerpike sets a trap of words for the young Earl...

You've bucked your duty to the Stones and to the Ritual yet again )


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