Umbrella Academy (TV); Fic; Restraint

  • Mar. 4th, 2019 at 6:15 PM
Title: Restraint
Fandom: Umbrella Academy (TV)
Rating: T
Length: 299
Content notes: Mentions of drugs, death
Author notes: For challenge 256, Restraint, and the free space on my bingo board
Summary: A glimpse of how each of the Hargreeves siblings handles their powers.

1. Luther has too much of it. Won’t even let himself want, let alone give in to his desires. He waits to be told what to do, what to want. Puts pleasing his father first, though he tells himself that his priority is protecting the world.

2. When his head is clear, Diego is one of the best at it. But he’s quick to anger and when his temper rises, he loses what little he has.

3. Allison relies on it. Once she would give in so easily to the temptation of her power. Get what she wanted quickly and easily. But she learned the hard way that what’s easy in the moment can lead to disaster.

4. Klaus doesn’t trust it, so he uses drugs instead. Sometimes they work, sometimes he needs more, and sometimes, for a blissful few moments, he dies.

5. Number Five has enough of it, though occasionally his judgment isn’t the best. He prides himself on being the smartest in the room, on always knowing what to do. So much so that even when he doesn’t know, he’ll make a decision instead of holding back and waiting.

6. Ben has learned through death that no one has as much as they think, and no one uses it when they should. It figures he’s aware of this now, when he can’t tell anybody except Klaus. And Klaus doesn’t listen. So it’s just Ben screaming into the void for his siblings to be careful.

7. Vanya never learned it. Her father gave up too quickly, didn’t trust number seven to listen or learn so instead of teaching he synthesized it for her and left it at that. And when the barrier falls, she finds it’s a relief to let loose. Sees no point in holding back.

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